Infrastructure & Public Works

Community Goals

Maintain community infrastructure

Improve community road conditions

Invest in community facilities

Improve waste management services

Improve water & wastewater services

Operations  & Maintenance Department

Big River First Nation’s Operations and Maintenance Department provides public works services for BRFN roads and bridges as well as for BRFN housing plumbing and electrical needs.

Contact O & M Director Eric Christensen for concerns regarding BRFN roads and bridges.


Mervin Morin, Operations & Maintenance
Office: (306) 724-4700
Mobile: (306) 468-7197

Eric Christensen, Operations & Maintenance Director
Office: (306) 724-4700
Mobile: (306) 981-4246

BRFN Plumbing, Waterworks, & Electrical Department


Harvey Netmaker, Water Treatment Plant Operator
Mobile: (306) 468-7304

Chad Fisher, Electrician
Office: (306) 724-4700