Big River

first Nation

Our Vision statement

Through investing as a community in life-long learning and sharing our knowledge, Big River First Nation will be a sustainable community that is healthy, Safe, and Vibrant, rooted in the values of our Culture and Land.

We value & respect our elders

We value our Elders and recognize the need to take care of them; they require social interaction and opportunities to pass on their teachings.

We Are Proud of our Ancestry

We are proud of our culture and language and they must be taught both at the home and in the school. Preserving our language means preserving our culture, losing our language means losing our culture.

Priortorizing wahkohtowin

Preserving our environment is vital for sustaining life. This includes prioritizing the health of our children and fostering strong family bonds. Understanding our family connections strengthens our sense of kinship and support. Equally important is empowering our youth through education, ensuring they are prepared to lead and contribute positively to society.

Join Us for the Big River First Nation Powwow – Supported by the Government of Canada

We are excited to announce the upcoming 3rd Annual Powwow at Big River First Nation! This vibrant celebration of our culture and heritage is proudly supported by the Government of Canada.

Event Dates:
July 23, 24 & 25, 2024

Singing & Dance Registration:
Tuesday, July 23 at 12:00 PM
Closing: Wednesday, July 24 at 1:00 PM

Dance Categories & Prizes:

Golden Age (60-69): 1st $1000, 2nd $800, 3rd $600, 4th $400
Sr Adults (40-59): 1st $1000, 2nd $800, 3rd $600, 4th $400
Jr Adults (18-39): 1st $800, 2nd $600, 3rd $400, 4th $200
Teenagers (13-17): 1st $600, 2nd $400, 3rd $300, 4th $200
Juniors (7-12): 1st $250, 2nd $200, 3rd $150, 4th $100
Tiny Tots & Veterans: Paid Daily
Singing Contest Prizes:

$15000, $12000, $10000, $8000, $6000, $4000
Specials, Announcers, Arena Directors, Judges, and More:
Refer to the poster for detailed information.

“This project has been made possible [in part] by the Government of Canada.”
« Ce projet a été rendu possible [en partie] grâce au gouvernement du Canada. »

Join us for an unforgettable event filled with traditional music, dance, and community spirit. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Canada for their invaluable support, which plays a crucial role in the preservation and promotion of our rich cultural traditions.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as we prepare for this incredible celebration!

Countdown to Powwow!










We are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Powwow at Big River First Nation, proudly supported by the Government of Canada!

The Big River First Nation Princess/Little Warrior Pageant is still looking for Participants! Our winners will be crowned during the powwow on July 24, 2024. We thank all participants for their enthusiasm and dedication and supporting our youth with your votes! Your efforts truly highlight the spirit and culture of our community!

For More Information about the Princess/Little Warrior Pageants:

Contact: Mellissa Bradfield, Tamara Bradfield
Address: Box 519, Debden, SK S0J 0S0, Canada
Phone: 306-930-6249
Fax: 306-724-2161
Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as we prepare for this incredible celebration!

BRFN Public Notice as per the Canadian Navigable Waters ACt

Expect future traffic delays and contruction at bridge towards Debden/Victoire.

Big River First Nation Indian Registry Department:

Need assistance with your status cards? Have to register your children as status? Need information amended on your existing status card? We’ve got you covered!

For smooth processing, please bring the following:

Original birth certificates (long form) and two pieces of ID for applying parents

One of the two IDs must be a picture ID.

For a child (15 or younger), any legal documents granting custody or guardianship of the child to the applying parent/legal guardian may be required.

For a dependent adult, the guardianship order may be required.

Located at the Sesewahum Complex in BRFN.

Call or text Howard Morin for more information at 306-468-7955.


Options to order a birth Certificate

Here is a link to order your birth certifcate through the eHealth Saskatchewan website online. 

Below is a video on how to order a birth Certificate. For treaty cards we will require a long-form birth certificate, which is $40.00.

If you are on Social Assistance and require help, please see the poster from Social Development.


Everything deserves respect: our traditions, different beliefs, the natural and built environments, our own property as well as the property of others, our neighbourhood and community, and community members. It is essential for those who work with us to show us respect and to respect our ways. It is essential for us to earn and return that respect.

Community Development Initiative, Big River First Nation Band 2019


Our Latest Announcements

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Community Context

Big River First Nation  demographic data

% Registered on-reserve Female Population, 2021

% 65+ Years Old, 2021

Average Age (years), 2021

*These numbers are per the Community Development Initiative.


Latest News

Successful Parent Gathering Conference

March 13th & 14th, 2024

The parent gathering event hosted for Big River First Nation in collaboration with Mistahi Sipiy Child and Family Services (MSCFS) was a resounding success, weaving together a tapestry of cultural enrichment, community engagement, and personal well-being. With information booths representing various departments, attendees were provided invaluable insights into the array of services available to them, fostering a deeper understanding of the resources accessible within their community. Traditional teaching presentations offered a glimpse into the rich heritage and customs of the First Nation, imparting wisdom passed down through generations and reinforcing the significance of cultural preservation within the traditional family systems.

Amidst the festivities, self-care sessions and services were offered, prioritizing the holistic well-being of participants. From mindfulness workshops to rejuvenating massages, individuals were encouraged to prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical health in a nurturing and supportive environment. Moreover, the inclusion of local youth entrepreneurs not only showcased the entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the community but also provided a platform for economic empowerment and collaboration. As laughter echoed through the gathering and bonds were strengthened, it was evident that the event had not only informed and uplifted but had also fostered a sense of unity and belonging among all attendees. Through its multifaceted approach, the parent gathering exemplified the vibrant spirit and resilience of Big River First Nation, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated.

Contacts Us

Feel free to reach out to Big River First Nation Band Administration.

P.O. Box 519, Debden, Sk., S0J0S0

Call: +306.724.4700