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Community Goals

Generate own source revenue.

Create employment opportunities.


Economic Development

The Big River First Nation Economic Development program involves providing assistance for membership in the areas of business incubation and development for economic development projects i.e., business plan initiatives, or to assist existing band member’s businesses. The First Nation Economic Development portfolio also oversees plans relating to economic ventures pertaining to the Big River First Nation band as a whole.


BRFN has successfully partnered with business and governmental organizations for BRFN projects relating to training to employment as well as on reserve capital projects. BRFN has a long history of successful First Nations Economic Development initiatives and will continue to work with quality business and government agencies to ensure progress and successful joint ventures.


Howard Morin, Economic Development Officer
Office: (306)724-4700 Ext; 237
Mobile: (306)468-7955

Labour Force Development


  • Our mission is to help clients in all walks of life to obtain employment of BRFN in a culturally sensitive manner.  
  • Our mandate is to help with research, develop, implement, and promote the employability of the clients of BRFN. 
  • Our goal is to deliver employment services to BRFN community; to reduce the unemployment rate and to advocate the process for the development of overall training and employment.


  • I know when we say invest! 
  • It means put some money into something or better yet, the best investment is to put money into learning a new skill or new ways of doing things. 
  • This may be different meaning for all but all I want you to do is concentrate on obtaining skills and training as per what the employer wants. Start by looking at the job description and check off all then requirement they request.  
  • We can start by finding funding agency that is there to help


For one thing for many First Nations in our areas packed up the whole family with few sets of clothes and blanket and minimal kitchenware was a custom and very much so as when we lived in the traplines.  

It was a modest and hardworking life when we all struggled together to mobilize in the whole reserve. It was a collaborative approach in which it was rewarding as many it was the first time working with farmers in Alberta.  

I have to say that this was easy enough transition, but we must applaud Alberta that keeps stepping up to the plate when it comes to employing our peoples.  Now I am going to share some important key players in employee development. 

The key step is to keep an open mind and the willingness to find employment, the ability to work and readiness to work.  


Starring this page is our software!  



Step to making an account

Contact Celine by test 306 468 7034 brief introduction 

Sent your email

The link will be forwarded to your email

Verify with Celine you got your email

Call Celine for a brief overview of the software

 This section will talk about the history of how employment partnerships are established and how both employer and case manager work together to reach a common goal. 





You might be thinking why these?  

Well for one thing, Health Care Continuing Care Assistant are one of the top 10 employment opportunities and is in demand and the facilities are all around us. If you’re looking for a job that provides accommodation, then Civeo is the Company for you. 


We strive to bring small contracting partnership like the NEW Construction of our school, whatever it’s good to keep in contact with me. 


Follow up is a requirement to see where we are at with reaching a goal and to be in contact with the nt to see if there is more, we need to do to make sure they become employable. 


You can verify by email, text, or call 

Celine MacDonald, LFD Program Manager 


Office: (306)724 4700 Ext; 223 

Mobile: (306)468 7034

Employment Opportunities

Big River First Nation is seeking a Full Time Nutritionist (Cook) for the Daycare Centre

For more information, Please Contact;
Allison Lachance
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 306-724-4700 ext. 226
Fax: 306-724-2161

Big River First Nation is searching for a NNADAP (National Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program) worker

For more information, Please Contact;
Allison Lachance
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 306-724-4700 ext. 226
Fax: 306-724-2161

Big River First Nation High School Project

VCM Construction Ltd. and our Subtrade Partners are seeking Labourers, Apprentices and Journey persons to provide Labour, Carpentry, Concrete Finishing, Plumbing & HVAC, Electrical and other construction trade activities to construct the Big River High School on the Big River First Nation. Work is expected to begin June 1, 2020 with a completion of October 31, 2021.

The Big River First Nation Daycare is looking for Childcare Workers

For more information, Please Contact;
Allison Lachance
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 306-724-4700 ext. 226
Fax: 306-724-2161


BRFN is looking for a Home Care Maintenance Worker

For more information, Please Contact;
Allison Lachance
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 306-724-4700 ext. 226
Fax: 306-724-2161

MSCFS is Looking for a Case Worker

Please submit resumes & cover letter to Tricia Whitefish.     PO Box 629, Debden Sk. S0J-0S0    Ph: 639 922-7313   Email:

BRFN Training & Employment Agency

“Clients are advised that their success is based on their own hard work and initiative. Our case manager will assist in mapping out futures, will arrange for financial and other forms of support, and will work with you to overcome challenges along the way. But,in the end, you are the driver’s seat.”

It’s a exciting time for Big River First Nation! We are gearing up to mobilize the community workforce. A key component to move ahead is the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy(ASETS) & Indigenous Skill and Employment Training Strategy(ISETS) that is administered and coordinated by Big River Local Labour Force Development Training & Employment Agency.

Our employment development workers at our agency are available to support the journey that First Nation job seekers must travel in order to achieve their career goals.

We have employment services to support interview, job search, job placement and transitional assistance. With our career tracking program supports; career research & exploration, diagnostic assessment, preparation in employment, basic academic, career academic, specific career orientations along with post secondary training.

Programs currently offered in Labour Force Development;

  • NWC – Continuing Care Assistant Program (ongoing registration)

  • NWC – Short Order Cooking Program

  • Post Secondary Student Supports

Client must visit LFD Agency, either by appointment or walk-in, information initial assessment is conducted.

BRFN Employment Agency