Post Secondary Student Support Program


Post-Secondary Education – Overview


The program aims to improve the employability of First Nations students by providing them with funding to access education and skills development opportunities at the post-secondary level.

Eligible post-secondary levels include:

  • University Entrance Program

  • Community college: Certificate or Diploma programs

  • Bachelors Degree programs

  • Advanced or professional programs: Master’s or Doctorate

The program is administered by Big River First Nation which determines the funding and selection criteria in accordance with national guidelines.

Eligible costs covered by the program may include tuition, books, travel support and living allowances.

Faxed or emailed applications will be accepted; incomplete forms will cause delay in processing.

Deadline Date:
Fall - Winter: Intake - June 30

Contact Information

Post Secondary Manager Curtis Bear

Post Secondary Manager: Curtis Bear

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 519
Debden SK S0J 0S0

Office: (306)724-1001
Mobile: (306)468-7203
Fax: (306)724-1002

How to apply:

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First Nation Programs 2017-18:

  • SIIT/ Edwards School of Business - Year 1 of 4 Business Admin

  • U of S Year 2 - Bachelor of education

  • History of ITEP on reserve program

  • Indian Teacher Education Program in Partnership with University of Saskatchewan Community Based Program History:

    • Established 2003-2018 all completed on first nation and first of its kind in Saskatchewan.

    • 2005-2009 – 17 B. Ed. Completed

    • 2009-2013 – 14 B. Ed. Completed

    • 2013-2017 – 7 B. Ed. Completed

    • 2016- Present – 10 Students

We have established a 4-year Business Program Community Based Program partnered with University of Saskatchewan Edwards School Of Business and Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology. Where the first 2 years are run through SIIT and the Last 2 offered on first nation With U of S Edward School of Business. This a full 4-year program on First Nation the first across Canada. There are a total of 30 students enrolled.

Grads 2017-2018

List of Eligible PSE Institutions in Canada: